Handling of Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo

The company has been successfully handling huge quantity of Bulk Cargo from Haldia port, Kolkata port, Paradip Port, and Dhamra port. Import cargo consists of items like Coal, Cement Clinker, Limestone, Manganese Ore, Iron Or, Fertilizers like Rock Phosphate, Yellow Sulphur; Liquid cargo like Ammonia, Phosphoric Acid, Muriate of Potash; Pulses (Yellow Peas) and Wheat. For Export of bulk Cargo consignment we have been handling Iron Ore Fines and Mill Scale.

  • Owing to draft constraints, the cape size vessel and other fully laden vessels discharge the cargo at Sand head / Sagar island to avoid higher transportation charges and discharge cargo over there and brought to Haldia dock & floating jetty / Kolkata dock by barges.
  • Customs formalities in handling such bulk cargo from discharge point at sand head / sagar to dock are complied with by us.
  • On arrival of Bulk Cargo at dock the same is taken to the respective plot of the importer for effecting subsequent delivery with our constant supervision.

Other than Containerized and Bulk Cargo the company is specialized in handling Break Bulk Cargo as well (in packages, bags, boxes, barrels, and in pieces) such as project cargo, wood pulp in bales, engineering spares and consumable items which are loaded onto vessel individually and not in intermodal containers nor in bulk as with oil or grain. After discharge of the break bulk cargo in the allotted berth, the cargo is taken into the store inside the dock. Thereafter the delivery is taken by us from the dock on completion of all Customs formalities.