Containerized Cargo Service
  1. Loading of container directly from Vessel or from Ground onto Trailer.
  2. Transportation of the container from Dock to our Destuffing Point.
  3. Destuffing of the container.
  4. Loading of the empty container onto Trailer.
  5. Transportation of the empty container upto Steamer Agents slot.
  6. Unloading of the container at Steamer Agents slot.
  7. Further loading of the materials onto the trucks for onward dispatch.
Note : If Importer wants, container is dispatched to their site and upon destuffing of the materials, empty containers are again been transported upto the Steamer Agents slot and unload the container over there.

We are having attachment of fleet working for us round the year. We mention below the capacity we are having for deploying our fleet as per the requirement of our client and we can arrange trucks/trailers more than the figures indicated hereunder.

17 T. Truck 30 nos.
10 T. Trucks 60 nos.
Open body truck 25 nos.
Trailer for carrying of 40' loaded Container 50 nos.
Trailer for carrying of 20' loaded Container 100 nos.
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