Containerized Cargo Service (FCL / LCL)

Containerized Cargo Service (FCL / LCL)
  • Taking delivery of import loaded containers directly from Vessels or from Container Yard onto Trailers.
  • Transportation of the containers from Dock to our De-stuffing Point.
  • De-stuffing of the containers.
  • Loading of the empty containers onto Trailer.
  • Transportation of the empty container up to Steamer Agents plot.
  • Unloading of the container at Steamer Agents’ plot.
  • Further loading of the materials onto the trucks for onward dispatch to importers’ site.

In respect of clearance of LCL consignment, the Delivery Order is issued by the Steamer Agent after de-stuffing of the cargo at CFS. Delivery is taken thereafter on payment of CFS charges and materials despatched to importers’ site.

Note : If Importer wants, container is dispatched to their site and upon de-stuffing of the materials, empty containers are returned to the Steamer Agents’ plot.