B.G. Somadder is the oldest Customs authorized Shipping & Clearing Agents (Freight Forwarders), having been established in the year 1920. It was Late B. G. Somadder who got a license to operate as a Customs authorized Shipping and Clearing Agent way back in 1920. He was the first person who was bestowed upon the condifence of the then British monarchy to act as an Custom Clearing Agent because of his education, honesty and diligence. This was much prior to India attaining independence and the country was, at that time, under the British rule. Huge quantities of different types of materials were imported during the British regime by the local Importers. Till the end of British rule in India, this continued. Around the time of independence, Late B. G. Somadder, also obtained a Land Customs Clearing Agency License for operating at 29 Land Customs Stations in West Bengal. So far as it can be recalled, heavy machineries for all the major cotton Mills in West Bengal and erstwhile East Pakistan (now, Bangladesh) which were imported, were all cleared by B. G. Somadder, even before the birth of East Pakistan. Machinery and cotton were imported at that time from Egypt.
In course of time, the company flourished and was turned into a Private Limited Company. The mantle was then succeeded to Sri Kali Das Somadder, the able son of Late B.G. Somadder. KD Somadder took the company to a new horizon. He was later joined by Late Fani Dutta. Both of them took the companies to a height of professionalism. Later, Debashis Dutta, son of Late Fani Dutta joined the team and diversified the activities from a Clearing and Forwarding Agent to Containerized Transportation service and Modern Ware Housing. Due to the joint and culminated efforts of these directors, B.G. Somadder & Sons Pvt. Ltd. is a name that is pronounced as not only a heritage C&F Agent of India, but also a house known for their professionalism and commitment.
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